Pos-I-Tie ThermalGrip® CI Washers (610) Veneer Anchoring System Heckmann

Pos-I-Tie® ThermalGrip® CI Washers (610)

Thermal-Grip® washers are designed for use with the Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System. Prongs enable pre-spotting into rigid insulation for fast on-the-wall fastener assembly. Insulation manufacturers recommend the use of oversized washers to prevent wind blow-off during construction.

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Engineered in the USA

Materials / Finishes

  • Proprietary plastic

Features and Benefits

  • 2" diameter plastic washer with solid cap design (no keyholes)
  • Stiffened center “bullseye” ring prevents fastener pull-through
  • Flexible perimeter compresses on surface
  • Prongs pre-spot into insulation
  • Carbon black UV stabilizers
  • Use with Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System
  • Flattens on surface of insulation
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Recommended when installing insulation to prevent wind blow-off during construction.

  • Use with Original Pos-I-Tie® anchoring system screws
  • Install 12" o.c. around insulation perimeter
  • 16" o.c. throughout the sheet
  • Several insulation manufacturers require these washers for foil-faced insulation