Original Pos-I-Tie® System #75

Original Pos-I-Tie® System #75

The Original Pos-I-Tie® is a two-piece system for attaching brick and stone veneer to various existing backups. It simultaneously penetrates the exterior insulation, makes positive contact with the backup for transfer of lateral loads, and seals the hole in the insulation with an EPDM washer under the barrel head.  

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Engineered in the USA

Installation will require the following items:

Pos-I-Tie Installation Tools

Features and Benefits

  • Incorporates a barrel-screw piece for easy installation using an ordinary drill with a special chuck adapter
  • Integrated screw prevents substitution and use of inferior screws
  • Doubles as an insulation fastener and a masonry anchor, reducing the number of penetrations in insulation
  • Installs safely with a rounded head and round chuck adapter, keeping fingers out of harm’s way