Pos-I-Tie® ThermalClip® System 75-TC

Pos-I-Tie® ThermalClip® System 75-TC

The Pos-I-Tie® ThermalClip® is designed for use with the Original Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System. This new breakthrough in masonry construction adds thermal-break technology to all the advantages of the Original Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System. It has passed NFPA 285 Testing as part of the CavityComplete® Wall system.

The clip snaps into the Pos-I-Tie® barrel loop creating a thermal break between the wire tie and the barrel. This break also allows for stainless wire ties to be used with the Zamak barrel screw.

No Thermal Break required?

View the Original Pos-I-Tie System

Engineered in the USA

Installation will require the following items:

Pos-I-Tie Installation Tools

Features and Benefits

  • Incorporates a barrel-screw piece for easy installation using an ordinary drill with a special chuck adapter
  • Integrated screw prevents substitution and use of inferior screws
  • Doubles as an insulation fastener and a masonry anchor, reducing the number of penetrations in insulation
  • Installs safely with a rounded head and round chuck adapter, keeping fingers out of harm’s way

Compatible with all back-up walls

Self-Drilling Screw

Used for: steel stud 18 ga – 14 ga

Concrete/CMU Screw

Used for: concrete, CMU, wood, brick, ICF

Structural Screw

Used for: structural steel

Only available directly from HeckmannBuildingProds.com

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#75-TC Pos-I-Tie® ThermalClip® System

Does your wall not require a Thermal Break? View the Original Pos-I-Tie System

1: Barrel Screws

Select the proper screw type, length, and box quantity (250 Barrel Screws per box)

Select Barrel Substrate


Steel Studs



Box Quantity
(250 per box)

5/8" [250 pack]
1" [250 pack]
1-1/2" [250 pack]
2" [250 pack]
2-1/2" [250 pack]
3" [250 pack]
3-1/2" [250 pack]
4" [250 pack]
4-1/2" [250 pack]
2: #610 ThermalGrip® 2" CI Washer (optional)

For walls with Continuous Insulation.

Pos-I-Tie ThermalGrip® CI Washers (610) Veneer Anchoring System Heckmann

Box Quantity (1000 per box)

3: #75 ThermalClip® 2"

For walls that require a Thermal Break.


Box Quantity (250 per box)

4: #282-N Pintle Wire ties

Used with #75TC ThermalClip only.

Pintle Wire Ties for ThermalClip® (282-N)

Steel type

304 Stainless Steel
Hot-Dip Galvanized



Box Quantity
(250 per box)

3" [250 pack]
3" -1/2" [250 pack]
4" [250 pack]
5" [250 pack]
5: Installation Tool (optional)

Chuck tool for faster installation.

Pos-I-Tie® Installation Tools