Wej-Con™ Concrete Screws- Flat Head: 410 Stainless Steel with SIlver R-Blocker Coating Mechanical Anchors Wej-It

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Wej-Con™ Concrete Screws — Flat Head: 410 Stainless Steel - TAPCON

The highest-strength concrete screw has v-notched, high-low threads for anchoring into concrete, masonry, and brick. The advanced R-Blocker coating offers exceptional test results in salt spray testing. Wej-Con concrete screws install quickly in a pre-drilled hole and can be removed and reinstalled. Each box of Wej-Con Concrete Screws includes a drill bit. TAPCON EQUIVALENT

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Installation will require the following items:

Materials / Finishes

Features and Benefits

  • Wej-It R-Blocker coating provides superior salt spray resistance
  • Blue and white finishes provide 1000+ hours salt spray resistance per ASTM B117
  • Silver finish provides 1500+ hours of salt spray resistance per ASTM B117, ACQ-compatible
  • V-notched high-low threads ease installation and increase pull-out values
  • Slotted hex washer or Phillips flat heads available
  • Drill bit included
  • Can be removed and reinstalled as often as necessary
  • No expansion forces are applied to base material resulting in shorter spacing and edge distance requirements



  1. Use the correct size masonry drill bit (one included in every box) and drill the hole at least 1/4" deeper than the calculated embedment depth.
    It is recommended that a minimum of 1" and a maximum of 1-3/4"
  1. Clean the hole using a nylon brush and compressed air.
  2. Place the anchor point through the fixture into hole.
  3. Drive the anchor in a single continues motion until the anchor is set firmly against the fixture.

NOTE: Always wear safety glasses. Normal safety precautions should be observed when drilling the holes to avoid electrical installations, other utilities and reinforcement bars.